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Vitamin E

Vitamin E

Sources :-

Animal Sources:-
Egg, milk, fish and muscles contain this vitamin.

Vegetable Sources :-
It is abundantly present in vegetable seed oil, especially wheat, soyabean, corn and leafy vegetables. It has also been synthetically prepared.

Function and mode of action :-

1. Tocopherols have got antioxidativs effects and prevent unwanted oxidation in the body.
2. Required for the normal reproductive function in rats.
3. Essential for normal function of muscle. Deficiency produces muscular dystrophy.

Deficiency Signs:- In the femle rats implantation of the ovum occurs,
But after some time the foetus dies (resorption sterility).
Daily Requirement :- Average daily intake through normal diet is about 15 to 20 mgm, which satisfies the requirement.