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Vitamin H

Vitamin H

( Anti-egg white-injury factor)

Proerties:- It is soluble in water and alcohql heat – stable and resistant to acids And alkalis. It contains sulphur.
Distribution:- Present in all common articles of food – specially in yeast, egg –yolk,Kidney , liver, cauliflower, peas, etc.
1. Biotin acts as coenzyme for carboxylase, so as to help in carboxylation reactions( CO2 fixation), Viz in urea formation and biosynthesis of pyrimidines and fatty acids.
2. An important function of biotin is in the coenzyme activity related to carbamy phosphate synthesis and reaction related to it.
3. Biotion enzyme piays a specific role in lipid synthesis in animals..
4. In micro-organisms, biotin is related to purinesynthesis.
5. Prevents dermatitis in rats and dogs.
Deficiency signs :-
1. A peculiar dermatitis of the extremities, pallor of skin and mucous membranes.
2. Rise of blood cholesterol occur.
3. Symptoms resembling thiamine deficiency .
4. In rats , deficiency produces spectacle-eyed appearance; thinning of fur ( alopecia) in mouse, pig, etc. ; and perosis or slipped tendon disease in fouls.
Daily requirement:- It is 150- 300 micro-gram day on the contain sufficient

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